Triangle Equities has been in the real estate business for almost 30 years. Over the course of that time, Triangle has used its experience to recognize and enter emerging markets, and to create a diverse portfolio that we actively manage to the benefit of our tenants and the community.

The primary force behind Triangle’s success is our expertise. We have gained an unparalleled ability to identify and aggressively pursue underutilized, underperforming, and undervalued real estate, to create a plan of action to resolve site-specific issues, and to realize the highest and best use. We also succeed at implementing our plan of action no matter the requirements or potential road blocks.  We coordinate with municipal agencies for mutual benefit, work with community organizations and leaders to create a project that will yield community success and satisfaction, and manage our properties in a fashion that maintains value for the benefit of our tenants.

While Triangle employs this investment model in order to achieve high returns in all asset forms, we also concentrate on emerging and underserved markets to fulfill any growing community needs, thereby increasing our own growth rate. We will identify a need in underserved markets and up-and-coming areas, and will subsequently fulfill that need. By pursuing underutilized property, dilapidated buildings, and environmental hazards, we create a better landscape for an emerging neighborhood to ultimately maximize that neighborhood’s future potential. Triangle has exhibited the ability to adapt all forms of real estate into a positive neighborhood entity and a profitable investment venture.

We invest in all development types that demonstrate upside potential, including but not limited to ground-up development, retrofitting an existing building, or repositioning an operational property. We look to build, renovate, or reposition greater than or equal to 70,000 square feet of space for both residential and commercial property. It is this excellence in the development process—from property recognition and acquisition to planning, approval, financing, construction, leasing/sales, and permanent financing processes—that has made Triangle Equities a success for the communities we invest in, our partners, and the Triangle family.